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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Gas and boiler leaks can be a problem if they remain unattended for long. It is even worse when the problem goes unnoticed as this can affect your healthy without knowledge or cause massive destruction to your property or the entire boiler. Do not live under uncertainties, you should have regular boiler inspection to detect leaks and determine the reason behind such leaks. Eco Efficient Plymouth offers highly reliable and cheap service for gas and boiler leaks fixing in Saltash, Exeter, Launceston, Torquay and Tavistock. All our engineers mandated to deal with boiler and gas leaks are trained thorough on modern detection methods, gas safety skills and repair skills and are members of the Gas Safe community of engineers.

We are able to conduct safe and faster gas leaks audit to enhance safety for you and your family. Do not take risks, call us as soon as you notice a suspicious behaviour with your boiler and our 24/7 boiler techs will respond instantly to verify whether it could be a gas leak and stop the leak immediately. We use automated gas and boiler leaks detectors for speedy and accurate leaks detection from a distance without destroying any part of your structure.

Apart from being top gas and boiler experts, our engineers are friendly and polite and always treat our clients with respect giving quality services that exceeds clients’ expectations. We also offer free professional tips to help you prevent common mistakes that could lead to boiler leaks.

What Do I Do In Case Of Gas and Boiler Leaks?

It can be really hard to identify gas and boiler leaks as the natural gas used to fuel boilers has no smell and the leak could be too minor to produce an audible sound. However there are some signs which indicate the possibility of a gas leak including:

  • Corrosion on any part of the boiler.
  • Orange or yellow flames.
  • Dripping water from the valves or the seals.
  • Prolonged health effects such as headache, fatigue or nausea.

Gas leaks should be taken seriously at all times; you should seek the help of professional gas experts to identify the problem. Never attempt to handle any boiler leaks on your own if you have no professional skills to do so. It is also illegal in Plymouth to continue using faulty gas appliances. Contact us and we will send an engineer near you to quickly identify the cause behind the leaks and counter the problem immediately.

Our engineers are local-based and will be at your place within 20 to 30 minutes to restore warmth and safety. You can call at any given time and you will be served by one of our support technicians, taking you through a step by step remote trouble shooting for small issues that can be solved over the phone or send a team to trouble shoot the entire central heating system to confirm leaks, and determine the source and give an instant and affordable solution for the situation.

Gas leaks could result from installations flaws, normal wear and tear, corrosion, poor boiler servicing or faulty boiler components. We search deeper than the visible problem to reach the actual reason behind the leak and solve issue once and for all. Write us an email or call our ever customer care department and get impeccable services!

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