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One of the sure indicators of a faulty central heating is off course when it cannot heat water or no heat is being produced from the radiators or ground heating emitters depending on your type of your heating system. There are many reasons that could lead to these signs some of which can only be identified by an expert through a comprehensive diagnosis. Other signs of a faulty boiler could be:

  • Unreasonably high energy bills.
  • Pilot light going on and off.
  • Corrosion.
  • Water leaks.
  • Stains or smoke on any part of the boiler.
  • Noisy sounds from the boiler.
  • Gas and boiler leaks signs which include:
    • Smell of rotten eggs (sulphur).
    • Yellow / orange flame instead of blue.
    • Head ache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and other health effects.

Most central heating problems are technical and risky and you shouldn’t try to repair them on your own, instead call our boiler and heating experts to safely diagnose the system and provide immediate solutions. We are experienced in a variety of central heating services ranging from central heating installation, gas safety inspection replacement and new boiler installation among other related services.

Our heating pros have vast knowledge on popular boiler brands and are committed to deliver quick services irrespective of where you are in Torquay. We will get to you in less than one hour and we come fully armed with expertise and tools required to completely satisfy your heating needs. We also offer free testing and safety audit after any gas boiler inspection or installation.

We are effective in both small-household and large-commercial boiler installations and we will be more than happy to guide you when purchasing the right boiler for your properties. With many years of experience in the industry, we can quickly assess you specific heating needs and make helpful recommendations based on the findings.

Our engineers are also experts in boiler servicing and boiler repairs that will help in preventing further damages. Our boiler servicing entails part by part inspection and faults diagnosis to uncover any developing defects. You can schedule for a boiler inspection just before winter to ensure you are ready to live through the cold months.

Other services include:

  • Boiler cleaning and repair.
  • Gas leaks detection and repairs.
  • Gas central heating repairs.
  • Radiator fitting and repairs.
  • Gas safety services and certificates.

Why Are We The Best Choice In Torquay?

We Are Reliable – We are masters in all types of heating services and our technicians are fully updated on latest products and industry trends making them the best fit for any challenges you could be having. Once our engineers arrive, you can relax knowing that they will deliver instant solutions.

Qualified Gas Safe Engineers – All Eco Efficient engineers have undergone the necessary trained and are registered with Gas Safe so you are assured of safe and competent services.

Timely Solutions –We offer same day central heating services in Torquay with most repairs taking between 30 and 2 hours and complete installations within 24 hours.

24-7 Services –We are always on waiting and you can talk to our engineers at any given time for enquiries or to request for services.

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