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Eco Efficient is UK Gas Safe Registered Company and recognised by relevant professional associations in the heating industry. We have been in the business for many years and we fully understand what customers need, and we have packaged our services into affordable packages that will fully meet your specific central heating requirements. We offer an extensive range of central heating and boiler solution in Saltash to help you keep your home warm and safe making it comfortable for you and your family. We have experience with both old boilers and modern higher efficient boilers and we guarantee outstanding quality in all our services. We have been the solution to many home owners, tenants, landlords and real estate agents in the whole of Saltash and we have never got short of quality and reliability.

There are many reasons why we have become and remained in the front line including:

  • Timely Response – We treat every request as an emergency whether small or big. We have local engineers and they will arrive in 20 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your proximity. Call us for any boiler repairs, installation or any other central heating solutions and we will send a team of experts near you.
  • Quality And Guaranteed Workmanship – We offer highly reliable services that save you money and time. We ensure accuracy and complete solution through our error-free central heating installation and repairing faults from their origin. We only fix what need to be fixed and once we have fixed a defect, you can be sure there will be no future recurrence. We provide over 24 months warrant on our labour and replacement parts so no fear of failures as a result of intentional mistakes.
  • Affordable Service – Even while we maintain high quality across all services, our prices are friendly and lower than what is being offered by other local engineers. We believe in quality offered to all at an affordable cost.
  • Professionalism – Central heating solutions are technical and need an engineer who is fully trained and licensed. We pick our engineers from among the best and we keep improving their skills through trainings and workshops to make them more effective and industry relevant. Our technicians display high level of competence and are very friendly to all our customers.

Our services can be categorized into:

  • Installation Services –This covers fresh design or redesign and new central heating installations. The process starts with assessments to decide on the most ideal components to install. Our experts will ensure proper boiler installation void of errors or omissions that could lead to future faults
  • Repair Services – Includes boiler repairs as well as full range central heating repairs. The repairs involve fixing of any damaged part or accessory replacement.
  • Maintenance – We offer routine boiler servicing or inspection upon request. Our servicing package covers gas safe services such as gas and boiler leaks checks and fixing. Our maintenance services are aimed at confirming your boiler is performing as it is supposed to and is free from some risky faults. Defects are identified and fixed immediately to prevent further flaws that could be so expensive to repair.

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